A customer centred approach and excellent staff is what our hotels are renowned for. Respect for our customers, respect for one another and respect for our local community is at our core. All staff from directors to operations work by these three pillars of respect.
Great people make great hotels.

Respect for Our Customers

The Hodson Bay Group believes in a customer centered approach. In this way, we deliver a high quality experience that focuses on exceeding customers’ needs and expectations. We continuously review our quality  standards for all customer offerings, in every hotel, generating improved customer experiences.

Respect for Our People

Respect allows for the smooth operation and running our processes and services and procedures within our organisation. We encourage a culture of respect across all staff, from the Directors to Operations. In turn, our customers and wider audience experience see and feel our personable, friendly and flexible service.

Respect for Our Local Community

The Hodson Bay Group believes in embracing and integrating with the local community, local suppliers and local history and culture. We have achieved this at all our hotel locations. Our relationships with our local communities is central to our culture and ethos.