Dear guest, 

My name is Garry Walsh and I am the Group Commercial Director with Hodson Bay Group. I am currently leading the implementation of comprehensive procedures to protect you, our customer, and our employees across the Group, and to ensure that we keep our hotels free from Covid 19 virus.
First and foremost, these procedures embrace the advice of the Irish Government’s Department of Health and the Heath Service Executive (HSE). Furthermore, due to our relationship with international brands such as Hyatt and Marriott, we have at our disposal cross-functional global response teams, including infectious diseases and occupational health experts. These experts can provide guidance and help address specific needs and situations when needed.
Core to our approach in tackling Covid 19 is that we have procured a dedicated cleaning agent (C19) for use on invasive medical devices and which is effective in killing Covid 19 on all surfaces.
Our hotel procedures include, but are not limited to, the following 10 points: 
1. Continuous cleaning of all food surfaces with the C19 chemical, proven as one of the most effective agents in killing COVID-19.

2. Continuous cleaning/coating of all surfaces in our public and back of house areas with C19 chemicals. These surfaces include door handles, public and bedroom bathrooms, counters and any other surfaces which the public and our team members come in contact with.

3. Provision of H5 hand sanitizer stations at main entrances, in public areas and back of house.

4. Requesting all visitors to our Hotels to use our hand sanitiser prior to entering the Hotel.

5. Removal of all buffet and self-service areas from all food outlets.

6. Close management and monitoring of the best practices in hygiene controls across all departments, in particular in our food preparation, food serving, accommodation and housekeeping departments.

7. Food safety and hygiene is something we implement every single day. It’s part of our DNA. In response to Covid 19, we have introduced additional hygiene training modules for every member of staff.

8. Daily conference calls in which senior management and the Company Directors co-ordinate and update activities.

9. Mandatory adherence to all HSE guidelines with regards to members of staff returning from an affected area as advised by the WHO and HSE.

10. Enhanced communications across our teams through daily briefings, management meetings and visual aids- maintaining high levels of awareness for ongoing collaboration and the sharing of learnings across the Hotels.


I am personally heading up this project. I have a degree in Food Science & Technology, majoring in Microbiology. My background is in the area of food production with companies such as Unigate, Northern Foods and Green Isle Foods where protection against issues such as this is paramount.

Your well being and the well being of our staff is our uncompromising priority. We would like to thank you for choosing Hodson Bay Group and look forward to seeing you soon.


Garry Walsh (BSc Food Science & Technology)

Group Commercial Director
Hodson Bay Group