Health & Wellness

We received a tremendous response to our employee survey across our four hotels with the results and answers providing some really important insights. Your feedback has fueled a set of actions to further improve the working environment for each of you. The information below provides you with the details of how we are commencing our Health & Wellness programme. We look forward to building on this initiative with your continued support and feedback.

Mental Health

COVID-19 has proved hugely challenging for us all in so many ways. Everyone’s lives and daily routines are affected by the measures that have been introduced to disrupt the spread of the virus. It’s normal to be worried during this difficult time, but there are many things we can do to help us take care of our mental health and wellbeing.


Some examples on online supports available to you are, HSE and Laya For looking after yourself & your family visit here.

Stay Active - Leisure Centre Membership

We are introducing leisure centre membership at allocated slots for our teams. Hodson Bay Group Hotels all enjoy fitness facilities and your feedback told us that you would welcome access to these. Staying active is a key part of mental health and a formal process is now in place where Membership will be issued to associates on request.


Please download the application form here which also includes guidelines.

Mindfullness - Daily Calm

We really want you to let us know how we can help deliver the benefits of mindfulness for you whether at work or at home. So we are currently planning to commence in house workshops in December to get your feedback and to gain a greater understanding of what you believe will work.


In the meantime, Click here for some of the benefits of mindfulness. If you are new to Mindfulness and Meditation, we’d recommend taking a few minutes to watch to the accompanying video.

Hodson Bay Group Staff and Family Rate

With four Hotels, spanning West to East, we are really pleased to extend a special discounted rate across all our Hotels for you and your family, and your extended family of parents and siblings.


To avail of this rate, please download the form and pass to your MD or HR manager.


We look forward to seeing you avail of this offer and enjoy the hospitality of your peers at your sister hotels.

Healthy Eating

The answers you provided on our Staff food was particularly helpful. As a result of your feedback, we have now introduced healthier, fresher, more varied & more accessible employee dining options. This includes homemade soups, fresh seasonal salads, sumptuous sandwich & wrap selection along with our roast special of the day. We are committed to frequently auditing the quality of our employee menu and look forward to delivering on your request to provide quality food for our staff consistently.

Sports & Social

We believe that Sport and Social Events are a effective means of acknowledging employees’ contribution and developing a positive culture within the hotels. In 2021, we look forward to supporting the re-activation of our Sports & Social Clubs and we will be reaching out to you in December to explore how we can progress this. Separately, this year, our Sales teams have partnered with Alone, to support older people alone at home. All staff will have the opportunity to participate and we will also inform our clients of the approach we ware taking to giving this Christmas.